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Rug Shaggy Champagne

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Fluffy champagne colored shag rug with beautiful shine

Pile rug Shaggy Champagne is a hand-woven polyester carpet. The carpet has a long and thick pile with a beautiful fall. This is a rug with lovely fullness and with a long, fluffy pile that gives a lively feel.
Material: 60% Polyester, 40% Cotton (backing/warp)
Size: Since our carpets are handmade, there is a size variation of +/- 5%.
Thickness: Weave 1cm, pile 6cm
Certificate: Care & Fair, REACH
Shaggy Champagne is certified with Care & Fair which is an organization that works to provide workers with good working conditions, good education and reasonable wages. The money goes to the children and enables regular schooling, as well as medical care.
Care instructions: Vacuum suction mat Shaggy regularly without brush or rotating nozzle. Submitted to professional laundry for carpets.
Carpets are recommended to protect carpet and flooring.
Our carpets are handmade and therefore completely unique. This means that deviations in pattern, color and size can occur. These deviations create a vibrant and unique product. Take good care of your new carpet and it will adorn the home for a long time. Each Classic Collection rug creates work contributes to the old craft traditions living on.

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