Explore our Herringbone wool rug collection

Our Herringbone Wool Rug Collection pays homage to timeless elegance and refined design. This collection of handwoven rugs captures the eye with its iconic herringbone pattern, creating subtle visual movement and a sense of depth in your space.

Available in two serene color variations - beige and gray - these rugs are crafted to seamlessly blend into various interior styles, creating a natural harmony in your home. The natural tones perfectly complement a range of color palettes, adding a subtle yet significant touch to your room.

Each rug in our Herringbone collection is made from high-quality wool and handwoven with care. This ensures not only their visual enchantment but also their durability over time. The wool provides a warm and cozy feel, perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere in your home.

Whether you choose the soft elegance of beige or the timeless charm of the gray color variation, our Herringbone Wool Rug Collection will elevate your decor to new heights. Add a touch of refined style and subtle texture with these beautiful herringbone rugs, creating an ambiance of simple luxury and warm comfort.




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