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Runner Plain Sand Classic Collection Runner Plain Sand Classic Collection

Plain 80x250 Sand

Temporarily out of stock, can be pre-booked
Temporarily out of stock, can be pre-booked

Beautiful flat-woven runner with fringes

Plain Sand is a sober runner with braided tassels on the short sides that can be gratefully combined with other colors and patterns. Carpet Plain is durable and dirt-repellent, which makes the carpet suitable for most environments. Perfect in the hallway or the kitchen. The wool's natural greases make the carpet resistant to dirt and stains in an effective way. Any dirt settles on the surface and is removed with advantage by vacuuming or ventilating.

Material: 80% Wool, 20% Cotton (warp)

Thickness: 1cm

Certificate: Care & Fair, REACH

Runner Plain sand is certified with Care & Fair, which is an organization that works to provide workers with good working conditions, good education and reasonable wages. It also means that we donate money to the families in the carpet weaving districts. The money goes to the children and enables regular schooling, as well as medical care.

Care instructions:

Vacuum regularly (without brush)
Submit for professional laundry.
Simpler stains can often be removed with a damp cloth and bile soap. Foam the soap in the cloth before applying it to the fabric.

Our products are made by hand and therefore completely unique. This means that deviations in pattern, color and size may occur. These deviations create a vibrant and unique product. Take good care of your new rug and it will adorn the home for a long time. Each Classic Collection rug creates work and contributes to old craft traditions living on.

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