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Rug Key Wool Titanium

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Beautiful gray wool rug with high and low effects

Rug Key Wool Titanium is a hand woven rug in pure wool. The pattern is cut by hand and adds another dimension to the rug. This wool rug makes a statement in every home.

Material: 80% Wool, 20% Cotton (warp/Backing).

Size: As these rugs are hand made, there will be some small variation in actual sizes (+/- 5%).

Weave/Pile height: 1,8cm

Certificate: Care & Fair, REACH

Classic Collections rugs are certified with Care & Fair, which is an organisation that support the workers to get education, good working conditions and reasonable wages. It also means that we donate money to the families in the rug weaving districts. The money goes to the children and allows regular schooling, as well as medical care.

All chemicals used in this rug are of highest quality and REACH compliant.

Care Instruction: 

  • Regular vacuum cleaning in the direction of the pile (flat nozzle).
  • Classic Collection only recommends professional cleaning.

Avoid dragging furniture back and forth on the carpet. Rotate the mat once a day. Do not expose the carpet to direct sunlight because the colors may fade. Shedding is a common behavior on this type of rug and it usually settles over time. Shedding can also occur if the rug is subjected to heavy use, movement of furniture, vacuum cleaner or other stressful handling.

Our wool rugs are made by hand and therefore completely unique. This means that differences in pattern, color and size may occur. These differences create a living and unique rug. Take good care of your new rug and it will decorate your home for a long time. Each Classic Collection rug creates work and contributes to the survival of old craft traditions.

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