Yogic Asana - Traditional Animal-shaped rugs from India

We have carpets for all rooms and needs. Door mats, runners, children rugs and many more! Our Animal-shaped rugs are inspired by animal skins originate in ancient India, where yoga was practiced on deer / tiger skins during the 18th century. The animal skins represented important messages in Buddhism, a deer that is difficult to control resembles our minds as we meditate and symbolize mastery, a tiger's symbolized energy, power and success. It is not clear when the transition to the woven animal shapes took place, but certainly the two traditions existed simultaneously, and today the animal shaped carpets in wool has happily taken the place of an actual animal pelt.

Classic Collection's collection of animal - shaped rugs contains both traditional animal carpets such as tiger, leopard, deer and zebra and our own collections containing lamb, polar bear, elephant and panda. If you have ever visited northern India or Nepal you have probably seen these rugs sold as souvenirs in stores and in markets. Find and shop animal shaped rugs and match with one of our trendy cushion covers!

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La oss inspirere av hjemmet ditt, tagg bildene dine




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