We have carpets for all rooms and sizes, from the welcoming doormat in the hall where we also have large range of runners in different materials and size that fit equally well in the kitchen and bedroom. We have exclusive viscose, tencel and bamboo carpets for the living and bedrooms. Durable wool rugs, tufted, woven and knotted, cotton and jute rugs - all handmade to fit in all rooms of the home. The cute animal-shaped carpets work just as nicely for the children's room as in the small guest toilet. Buy carpets online or at our retailers



Classic Collection have carpets online for all rooms and needs - Large carpets, small rugs and round rugs. Our ethically manufactured, hand-woven and hand-tufted carpets support Care & Fair. Choose between waterproof rugs for the balcony or entrance or durable wool rugs, tufted, woven and knotted - all handmade. For the kids room we have cozy, durable and adorable children rugs. We also have trendy runners for the hallway/kitchen in different colors and patterns. Shop carpets online from Classic Collection!

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Weaving Thecnique

La oss inspirere av hjemmet ditt, tagg bildene dine

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The creation of our carpets

Classic Collection's carpet production takes place in Northern India, other countries that have a large production of carpets is Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal and China. Regardless of the country, the production process to make carpets is about the same. Of course, it starts with the breeding of sheep. In order to make a carpet out of the wool, you then need to cut, wash, sort, comb, spin and possibly dye the wool. Depending on the type of carpet you want to create, the wool needs to dry and be stored in different ways. To begin the creation of the carpet, the wool should then be constructed firmly in a knot loom. Knot looms for the manufacture of carpets look different depending on the region. They can be made of wood or metal, and be used either vertically or horizontally.

Now the new carpet is well on its way to life, in the hands of skilled craftsmen who for generations have done nothing but make carpets. Patterns are designed and drawn. Nowadays, most patterns evolve according to the trends of the Western world, but many carpets are still made based on the traditional patterns that have existed for centuries. Textile fabric, wasp and weft, consists mostly of wool, cotton or silk yarn. After the rug is tied in the knot loom based on a predetermined pattern, it is cut out from the knot frame, and so the ends and sides are ready.

This is followed by cutting, washing, stretching and drying the carpet. For some carpets, "sculpting" of the carpet is also required, this means that the pattern is "lifted out" with the help of scissors. All Classic Collection carpets undergo thorough inspections before the carpets are passed on to us in Sweden. The carpets are handmade and unique in their kind, no other identical specimen exists.

We are deeply convinced that each carpet, tells a unique story. A story of skilled craftsmanship from the other side of the world, an object that breathes generations of dexterity and is found in every rug we sell at classic collection.


How to choose your carpet?

Choosing the right carpet for the right room can be so difficult, and buying carpets online can really feel like a challenge. We at Classic Collection want to make it easier for you, which is why you will find samples on all our carpets. Then it is easier to see the color and get a sense of how the carpet will fit with your other furniture in the home.

Other questions that can come up during a carpet purchase are - How will the light fall? How's it going to feel? What's the size? Our customer service at Classic Collection is ready to give you all the help and guidance you need. We guide you through everything from popular trends to traditional décor. We have all kinds of carpets to complement your home - soft, firm, simple, complex, trendy, classic, patterned or monochrome. By reading our carpet guide you get many good tips and inspiration for which rug to choose. You can choose from durable wool rugs, cotton and jute rugs, beautiful viscose rugs, soft carpets in tencel and environmentally friendly recycled carpets made of pet bottles. All our rugs are handmade with the utmost accuracy and passion.

 A wool rug fits perfectly where you spend a lot of time as they are durable, dirt repellent and some of our carpets are also reversible which extends the life of your carpet even further. Carpets made of wool are easy to clean and grateful in rooms such as kitchen and dining room. In our range you will find wool rugs with both long and short piles.

Viscose and Tencel rugs have a wonderful soft surface with a nice shimmer in the fabric which makes it extremely soft to walk on which makes it fit perfectly in both the bedroom or living room. To get that extra luxurious hotel feeling in the bedroom, these rugs are perfect, it makes the impression in the room softer and the shimmer and its thickness gives that luxurious feeling many strive for in a bedroom.

When you buy a Tencel rug, you buy a product that is ecologically sustainable. The carpets are made from eucalyptus trees and are FCS-labelled


Carpet samples

With us at Classic Collection you have the opportunity to order samples of our carpets . It is a great way for you to get a better picture of how the carpet will be experienced in your home. We recommend to try how the carpet looks in a room at different times of the day when the light can be different in the morning in a room and the color of the carpet can be experienced completely differently in the evening in the same room.

So ordering one or more samples to get the full experience of the carpet is a very good idea and makes the conditions to make the right choice from the start easier. It can be very difficult to choose carpets online and it is always a bit difficult to return big products. With a sample of the rug, you get the opportunity to experience the unique history of the carpet in your hand and feel how the material feels under your feet in your home.

We offer free shipping on all orders over 500 SEK and we work with fast deliveries in 1-2 days. You can read more about this under our terms of purchase and delivery.


Colors, shapes & materials of carpets

A rug can create a completely unique expression in your home depending on its color, shape and material. A monochrome rectangular rug creates a very classic expression, if you chose a round rug is the perfect way  to create a playful and cozy feeling and make itself perfect in, for example, the hall or children's room. A round rug in a natural color will look beautiful under the round dining table, add a pattern and you have a carpet that really exudes character.

The long, narrow carpet in its classic design makes itself nice in a hallway. It is reminiscent of courtship and is happily associated with the red carpet being rolled out for the most celebrated people on special occasions. Put a long, slim carpet in your hallway to make your guests feel extra welcome.  Against a dark stone floor fits a natural white or colorful long narrow carpet with fringes, while a light wooden floor is nicely complemented by patterned long narrow carpet. We have a wide range of carpets for aisles and hallways.


Popular carpets

At Classic Collection you can find both classic and trendy carpets for all your rooms. We have a wide range of materials to choose from such as cotton, wool, viscose, tencel and jute.

We have long-shaded wool rugs that instantly create a high cozy factor and a very inviting and embraced feeling in, for example, a living room. Or why not put the soft pile carpet in the bedroom so that your feet land in the soft kingdom of heaven right in the morning when you get out of bed? These carpets may require a little more maintenance and need to be aired and vacuumed more often to stay fresh and maintain their fluffy appearance.

Another popular product is our handmade wool rugs with beautiful details that create a harmonious and modern expression. A wool rug is very practical as it is, dirt repellent, easy to clean and very durable. At Classic Collection we have many different wool rugs to choose from, both with short and long piles and different patterns and cuts. Feel free to look at our best-selling favorite Merino which comes in several colors and designs.

Our viscose rugs are made of reganate fiber such as viscose and bambooilke. A viscose rug is a very good option for those who want to create a luxurious and stylish hotel feeling in the bedroom, for example. The softness of the rug makes the room feel cozy and gives a luxurious feeling to walk on, and can also give a sound-dampening effect. The colour of the viscose rug can look differently  depending on how the light falls or from which direction you look.

Therefore, it is good to take both the lighting in the room as well as light entry from outside in consideration when choosing the color of your carpet.

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