Cushion Cover Tibet Black Cushion Cover Tibet Black Cushion Cover Tibet Black

Cushion Cover Tibet Black

Temporarily Out of Stock
Temporarily Out of Stock

Cushion Cover in black velvet with embroidered tiger

Pillow Case Tibet Black is a beautifully detailed velvet cushion with embroidery and fringes. The fringe runs around the entire edge of the pillow. The cotton fringe is a nice contrast to the luster of the velvet. Velvet cushion Tibet is available in several colors.
Size: 40x60cm
Inner pillow: No.
Laundry: Dry cleaning
Material: Cotton
Certificate: OEKO - TEX certified, SA 8000
The OEKO - TEX certification guarantees that the product you purchased is free of toxic substances.
Classic Collections pillow factory is certified with SA8000, a certification standard that ensures that human rights are respected in the workplace.
Pillow Case Tibet 40x60cm is made by hand in India, this means that each pillow is completely unique and some small deviations in pattern, color and size can occur. These deviations are what make Classic Collection pillows so personal and unique.

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