Find the right rug size and placement

When looking for a suitable rug for the home, the size is one of the decisive decisions. The right rug size can significantly affect how you perceive the room and the whole. In the same way, you need to think about where to place it. Is it better under the entire furniture or parts of it?

First, the size of the room will determine how you can furnish it and then how you can place the rug. After that, it will be easier to find the right rug size. A basic rule is that choosing a large rather than a small one is better, as an undersized rug quickly disappears in the room. But at the same time, a rug that is too large can take over too much. Here you get tips on size and placement depending on your room and furniture.



Rug for living room

The furniture, together with the room's size, will determine which rug size will ultimately feel the best. Taping up the furniture contours on the floor gives you a clearer picture of how it will look when finished.

In the living room, a rule of thumb is that furniture such as tables and chairs should stand with at least two legs on the mat to create a whole. This is especially suitable for small to medium-sized living rooms with furniture placed against a wall. The rug then helps to create a pleasant "room within a room" - setting. 

In a larger living room where the furniture is more freely arranged, a good choice is to get a large rug where all the furniture is placed upon it. This will help create a generous and inviting feeling.



Rug for kitchen

Where should the rug be located? It is recommended to place the mat under the dining table in a room with tables and chairs. It is essential to have generous space from the edge of the table so that you can easily pull out the chairs without them getting stuck. The mat should protrude approximately 60-90 cm from the table's edges. Similarly, you can think when having an outdoor mat and a dining area on it. Try taping the rug size around the dinner table at home - if you can pull out the kitchen chair, stand up and still have four chair legs on the mat, you're home!



Rug for Bedroom

In the bedroom, it is recommended to place the rug under the bed. In this way, you frame the bed as central furniture and can also have something nice to put your feet on in the evening and the morning. The rug can be placed under part of the bed, leaving room for the bedside table to stand directly on the floor. For a double bed in size 180x200cm, a carpet in size 200x300cm is recommended.

If you are looking for a generous and slightly more luxurious feeling, it may be worth investing in a larger rug; then bedside tables can also be placed upon it. For a normal-sized double bed, a rug in size 250x350 is suitable.

An alternative to a large bedroom rug is two rugs alongside the bed. A suitable size for this is 80x200cm if the rug lies under the bedside tables or 80x150cm if the rug lies in front of the bedside table.






Rug for children's rooms

How should you think in other rooms where the furniture is less obvious? Similar to the cases above, it can be good to place the rug so that it makes contact with the table and frames the existing furniture. If you are unsure what to choose, you can sketch it from above to get a clearer picture of the result. If you weigh between two sizes, a larger size is often preferable to a smaller one.




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