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The details that create a personal touch!

It is often the small personal interior details that elevate the room and make it interesting. Small eye-catchers / still lifes that are always nice to look at.

Carefully selected candlesticks together with a stack of books and a beautiful matchbox in brass will be a nice still life on the coffee table. On the dining table, a beautiful brass pot holder and a stack of glass coasters thrive together with Friday's flower bouquet. Above the sofa or a sideboard creates a large round mirror with brass frame depth and space for the interior.

Upcycla your old dresser with new knobs, choose between luxurious knobs in a classic design or playful knobs in the shape of a giraffe or bumblebee. We have a large selection of knobs in brass and nickel-plated brass. Decorate the hall and bathroom with new brass hooks, a beautiful brass hook to hang your bag or towel on.

Beautiful well-chosen decorations gild an entire room, window decorations in gold do well both in the window or in a chest of drawers.

You can read more about soft interior details such as pillows and rugs here.

Interior details as a gift

The small interior details are also very much appreciated "go away" gifts. Our glasses and pot holders are packed in a nice black poison box with a gold monogram on the lid. Our beautiful candlesticks in nickel-plated brass or matchboxes in brass are also appreciated gifts.






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