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Decorate with bedspreads & cushions

Create a hotel feeling with a luxurious velvet bedspread and beautiful pillows. A bedspread that is tucked tightly to half the length of the bed feels inviting and luxurious, feel free to complement it with a luxurious blanket at the foot end of the bed. If you make the bed with the bedspread all the way up to the headboard, you easily get the feeling that you are trying to hide what is underneath and the bed feels closed. Rather complement with neutral or white bedding that fits regardless of the color of the bedspread. Maybe you have a thick and fluffy bedspread in the autumn and winter and a slightly thinner bedspread in cotton in the summer, regardless of choice, the neutral bedding always fits.

Bed with beautiful pillows

Beautiful decorative pillows make the bed look very luxurious and inviting. Think in rows when placing the pillows. Arrange the pillows in two rows with a large pillow behind a smaller pillow or in rows with three pillows at the back followed by two pillows in front and finally a pillow at the front. Bed with large pillows at the back and continue with small or rectangular pillows at the front, feel free to mix patterned pillows with solid-colored pillowcases in different materials and create an exciting bed.

Pillows are easy to replace according to the season and the pillow case takes up minimal space in the wardrobe, in addition it is a cheap and easy way to change an entire room. In the summer you often want lighter pillows in cotton and linen, while in the autumn and winter you want pillows and bedspreads in velvet and wool in richer colors. Earthy colors in the bedroom create peace and harmony.

Create a personal expression with carefully selected pillows with a beautiful French edge or pillows with worked embroidery.


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