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Choose carpet for the sofa


Of course, it can feel tricky to choose the right rug, but you can make it quite easy for yourself if you start from a few quick rules. A larger rug is usually more appealing than a rug that is too small in the room. The carpet should preferably not be smaller than the width of the sofa. You frame the furniture in a very nice way if both sofa and armchairs are completely or partially on the carpet, it creates a "room in the room" feeling.

Choose the color and style of the carpet

If you have a lot of colors and patterns in the room, it can feel harmonious to choose a neutral, solid-colored rug, feel free to pick up one of the room's existing colors. In a neutral room with a bit of color and pattern, you may be looking for the opposite - a rug that stands out, a rug in sharp color or pattern. Feel free to pick up the color of the carpet in other details such as the decorative pillows on the sofa or perhaps the blanket that hangs over the sofa's armrests.

Dark, rich colors give the feeling of a cozy, private space, while lighter colors make a smaller space feel larger. Warm colors such as rust, yellow and brown create a warm feeling while cold colors such as blue and gray create calm.

A rug with a long pile or a flat-woven rug also creates different expressions in the room. A long-haired rug feels cozy while a flat-woven rug feels timeless and often sober. You should therefore think about what style you are striving for.

Choose materials for your new carpet

Start from what your everyday life looks like in the choice of carpet material. If you have small children or pets, is it a room that is often used or is it a room that is only used on special occasions. A material that withstands both spillage and wear and tear is usually wool. Especially a reversible wool rug that of course has a longer lifespan and is perfect for families with children. Wool rugs are also generally easy to clean from spills and dirt as they have a greasy and dirt-repellent fiber.

For the fine room that is not used daily, we like to choose a more luxurious rug in viscose tencel or bamboo silk. It is both fibers with a luster and agility that elevate the luxury factor in an entire room. These types of rugs are also gorgeous in a bedroom with matching bedspreads and pillows in velvet. The fiber has many benefits such as the Tencel fiber from an environmental point of view as it is produced completely without impact on the environment. However, it is a more sensitive fiber that we must nurture with care.

Please read more about the properties and advantages and disadvantages of different materials. You can find our care advice here.


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