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Choose carpet for kitchen and dining room

Start from what your everyday life looks like in choosing a rug for the kitchen. If you have small children, is it a kitchen that is used daily or is it a dining room that is only used on special occasions. A rug that is good against spills is a rug made of wool. Especially a hand-woven, reversible wool rug that of course has a longer lifespan and is perfect for families with children. Wool rugs are also generally easy to clean from spills and dirt as they have a naturally greasy and dirt-repellent fiber.

For the dining room that is not used daily, we like to choose a more luxurious rug in a wool / bamboo silk blend or a rug with a short pile, either a woven or a knotted rug. However, it is a more sensitive type of carpet that we must take care of. You can also count on pressure marks from chair legs. Pressure marks on wool can usually be brushed up while pressure marks on viscose remain permanent. Please read more about the properties and advantages and disadvantages of different materials. You can find our care advice here.

Choose the size and style of the kitchen rug

If the room allows, a large rug under the dining table is both neat and practical, practical in such a way that the chairs stand well on the rug even when they are extended. For a round dining table, both a round and rectangular rug do well, where the taste and possibly the floor plan may influence the choice of shape on the rug. For a rectangular dining table, a rectangular rug is the obvious choice. Here, too, a larger rug that frames both tables and chairs gives harmony to the room. Feel free to check out our carpet guide for guidance on carpet size.



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