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Beautiful pillows for sofa & bed

The sofa and the bed are, in addition to a beautiful rug, the central furniture in each room and we would like to decorate those pieces of furniture with beautiful pillows. The pillows create an inviting and cozy feeling. Ornamental pillows in beautiful colors and patterns are perfect to spruce up both sofa and bed with.

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Mix materials and sizes

Feel free to mix both color, material and size of the pillows. Feel free to mix some solid-colored pillows that pick up the colors in the patterned pillows. Mix textures - matte cotton pillows with velvet pillows in beautiful luster mixed with embroidered pillows and pillows in with nice prints. It can be extra effective if you mix patterns, a zebra-patterned pillow with a flower-patterned pillow or why not a pillow with leopard embroidery.

Make the bed with large square pillows in the back edge and smaller rectangular front to create an inviting depth.


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