Headoffice phone: At the moment our phone is out of order. In case of urgency, please use one of the numbers listed below.







Cecilia Dahlgren

Customer Relations, Head of Administration

Questions regarding invoices/orders: order(a)

cecilia(a) / Tel: +46(0)76 016 40 62







Katarina Dahlgren

Owner, CD, Marketing & Social Media Manager

Questions regarding PR and social media

katarina(a) / Tel: +46(0)73 350 79 08








Pierre Flodén

Key Account Manager, Head of Customer Relations

Contact for resellers Stockholm








Camilla Johansson

E-commerce, Customer Service, Export, Adminstration, Claims & Returns

Questions regarding export/returns: info(a)









Anna Ekelund

Agent Sweden (not Stockholm)

Questions/order for resellers in Sweden, not Stockholm








Gun Winter

Agent Finland

Questions/order for resellers in Finland

gun(a) / +358 40 056 6779


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