Knob Bumble Bee Mässing Knob Bumble Bee Mässing

Knob Bumble Bee Mässing

New! Delivery in December/January
New! Delivery in December/January
Product Description:
Door knob Bumble Bee in brass. The knob is polished and elegant. The knob in the shape of a bumblebee is just as nice on a chest of drawers in the hall, wardrobe door or in the kitchen. An easy way to renew a piece of furniture. The door knob fits just as well in the office as in the kitchen doors.
Dimensions: 4x4cm
Material: 100% brass
Care instructions: Wipe off with a damp cloth and then wipe completely dry. Mild detergent can be used. To preserve the fine surface, acidic or abrasive agents should not be used.
Our products are handmade and therefore completely unique. This means that irregularities can occur. Brass is a solid, living material that changes over time. Take care of the product and it will adorn the home for a long time.

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