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Luxury rug in Tencel in a beautiful brown color

Velvet TENCEL Mole is a hand-woven rug in Tencel. Tencel gives the rug a shiny, glamorous appearance. The rug is available in several colors and sizes.

Material: 80% TENCEL, 20% Cotton (warp)

TENCEL is a lyocell fiber of botanical origin. Tencel are produced by environmentally responsible processes from the sustainably sourced natural raw material wood. The production is FSC-certified, which guarantees sustainable forestry. The production of Tencel is extremely environmentally friendly thanks to the closed loop system. Another ecological advantage of TENCEL is that the material comes from fast growing forest plantations. The cultivated woodland is not suitable for farming, which means that it does not compete with food production.

Size: As these rugs are hand made, there will be some small variation in actual sizes (+/- 5%).
Weave/Pile height: 1cm
Reversible: No
Area of use: Bedroom
Certificat: Care & Fair

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